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Far beyond a simple replication of existing infrastructure and media workflow, Dalet xN solutions exploit the new business and technological possibilities brought about through the advancement of cloud, virtualization, dynamic scalability and hybrid on/off-premise deployments, expanding opportunities and increasing the effectiveness of the media economy.


Agile Infrastructure

Extend reach, respond faster and scale according to demand. Dalet xN solutions augment physical and virtual technologies to create truly smart and agile business infrastructures.

NextGen Operations

Transform your workflows with new levels of collaboration and mobility while elevating user tasks through advanced automation and reporting.

New Business Horizons

Respond to evolving consumer demands and explore new revenue streams with business solutions as dynamic as the infrastructure and operations on which they’re based.


On-demand, scalable, powerful and affordable.

xN Standards Converter

xN Standards Converter

for International Video Exchange

Building off of the industry-leading AmberFin technology, Dalet xN Standards Converter brings the highest-quality video standards transcode services to the cloud.

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xN IMF Maker

xN IMF Maker

for International Distribution

Powered by Dalet AmberFin, the leader in mastering media, Dalet xN IMF Maker allows organizations to generate perfect IMF bundles in just a few clicks.

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Coming Soon

Coming Soon


Clippn Logo

Clippn Reimagines Media Enterprise with Dalet xN

Clippn, an online platform delivering ready-for-sale video clips to stock footage distributors, has moved its production and distribution infrastructure to the Dalet xN business solution. In partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the new cloud-based infrastructure leverages the Dalet Galaxy Media Asset Management (MAM) and Dalet AmberFin media processing & mastering platforms. Learn more...


How Dalet xN solutions are being used in practice

Multi-location review and approval workflow

International, Fast Turnaround Content Supplier

Online Publishing with Complex Editorial/Workflow